GCSE Class

Students over 13 can enter the GCSE class to prepare them for the Edexcel Modern Greek GCSE exam. We have excellent results in Modern Greek GCSE examinations. The teachers participate regularly to training courses offered by Edexcel and the Cyprus Educational Commission.

The class is typically a 2 year course but the length can depend on the readiness of the student to take the exam. The students in the GCSE class are our pride and we count on their commitment not only to the lesson but also to the school activities. The classes are weekly 2h 30 mins and student work is organised based on the set units of the Edexcel syllabus for Modern Greek.

Student work includes regular speaking, writing, listening, and reading comprehension tasks. During the course students have opportunities to analyse and discuss different types of texts (informative, argumentative, poems, literature) and practice writing a variety of texts including letters, emails, descriptions, opinion pieces.


We strongly encourage students who recently immigrated from Greece or Cyprus to contact us, as they should not miss the opportunity to enrol in the course and acquire this qualification!